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The Story

Haunted by the memory of seeing his parents murdered in a car bomb, Gabriel Bishop wrestles with the news of his brother’s engagement to the daughter of the man he believes is responsible for his parents’ death.

Dangerous Deeds is a short film about two rival families, the Bishops and the McCarthys, and the events that connect them. Gabriel Bishop, fueled by his anger and hatred of David McCarthy, the man he believes was behind the murder of his parents, vows to take vengeance on the McCarthy family. But when his brother becomes engaged to David’s daughter, Gabriel must make a choice between revenge and hate for the McCarthys or his love for his brother.

From the short film, we hope to launch Dangerous Deeds into a powerful, high-stakes TV drama series that will explore even deeper into themes of revenge, justice, forgiveness, courage, PTSD, mental health, etc. Our hope is that this short film will help to build interest and an audience for the series and serve as a proof of concept for potential distributors and investors.

The Team

Brad Sells (Creator)

For as long as I can remember I have always had a desire and passion to create my own television show. As a Christian counselor and life coach for the past 11 years, I knew the themes I dreamt of in my head could be helping and healing to individuals and families like the ones I counsel.

As we all know the world stopped in 2020 and for the first time in my life, I had nothing but time to dig into some great entertainment and pour out my passion into a script. This project is a calling on my life and that includes my mission is to entertain and teach life moments through art.


Bryan Spellman (Lead Actor, Gabriel Bishop)

A Meisner method trained actor, Bryan can be found on tv shows, feature films, short films, and commercials. Bryan first got his start in improv comedy, an active performer in local troupes and a lead detective for Dinner Detective Murder Mystery.  He actively trains in Meisner and the Woller Technique with Kirk Woller (The Chosen). Bryan ranges from comedic to dramatic, loving roles portraying a wide range of emotion. 



Alisha Griffin (Actress)

Alisha is a new face in the Faith-Based and Secular film industry. Coming off to a strong start, she has earned numerous awards in film festivals, such as best lead actress in “Kindred Spirits”. She will be appearing as a lead actress in the film drama “Angel at the Crossroads” and supporting actress in the feature film comedy “The Ballot Box”. Her favorite role to date was playing a Russian Villain in the feature film “Mister Gates”. All of these will be releasing in Fall 2023-Summer 2024. She is also a commercial actor, currently appearing with Winstar Casino and Resort.

Her experience with horses, fight choreography, and firearms make her a dynamic actor for action, westerns, and TV Episodic. She loves to be challenged and has a passion for action, comedy, period piece, western, and sci-fi.

Alisha started acting in high school for various plays and drama clubs, but after graduating college she pursued her career in Agronomy. In 2017, she met her manager, Willie Johnson with J3 Productions, at a local runway show. He helped her get her start back into modeling and commercial acting. After a lot of prayer, she quickly knew that God was leading her away from her degree and to make the leap to follow her passion. She is now signed with The Campbell Agency in Dallas for acting/modeling. 

Outside of her career, Alisha is a member of Personal Powerhouse (a women’s faith in film group) as well as mentoring several young women into modeling/acting with integrity and grace. She thanks God for giving her with an opportunity to help others on whatever set she is on.



Angelica Marilyn (Producer)

Angelica Marilyn is the creator and mastermind behind ARTIST. Creative Collective, a group dedicated towards encouraging and ensuring diversity in front of and behind the camera. She began in this creative world at just 10 and 11 doing small gigs with Kim Dawson Studios and eventually got her undergrad degree in Media Production from the University of Houston and postgrad degree in the Business of Entertainment from Full Sail University.

Angelica has worked as a producer since 2017 and has a strong background in building connections, allocating resources, and carrying out the writer’s vision in the production world and is hoping to make her directorial debut in the fall of 2023.


Kyle Coker (Director)

Kyle Coker is a bit of a "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to media and filmmaking. He started his company, Kreativ Media, in 2013 doing commercial work for a variety of companies and organizations.  Since then, he has been producer, story consultant, art director, and marketing for The Darkest Hour television series, he was the title designer for Carnage Radio (and was this close to playing the antagonist in the film). Kyle is the editor, camera operator, and motion graphic designer for the series unbroken with Janeé.  In addition to numerous current commercial projects, Kyle is the writer/director of the short film Holly (in production), creator/director/editor of the web series Explore Local, and is writing another short film entitled Break a Leg. Kyle is excited to be a part of the creative team that is bringing Dangerous Deeds to life.


How you can help

We’re raising $9000 to cover the cost of production for the short film. These funds will go toward paying our cast and crew, post-production costs, and administrative fees.

Our project is fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions, a 501(c)3 top rated non-profit, which makes your donation 100% tax-deductible.



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Team Dangerous & Brad Sells


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